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Author Geanie Asante

I Open My Heart, A Soul's Journey Through Healing, by Geanie Asante

Author Geanie Asante takes you on her journey from the despair of her cancer diagnosis to her recovery. Geanie found that the combination of prayer and treatment, conventional and complementary, allowed her to turn the corner to health. She shares her incredible story with passion and opens her heart to those looking for practical tools to turn illness around.

Visit our friend's website at: http://www.geanie.com



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Audio Book: I Open My Heart, A Soul Journey Through Healing

Join Geanie on a journey from the despair of cancer diagnosis to hope and healing. "I shouldn't be here. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, cancer of the lymph nodes over 4 years ago." This book provides immediate access to powerful tools and gives practical ways to turn illness around. This is a first hand account, able to bring genuine insight... a survivor's story. Available on CD in Mp3 format, or as digital download.

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