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California Community Transformation Initiative, Action Institute

This group supports the work of the 12 California counties/local health departments funded through the Public Health Institute under the CDC-sponsored California Community Transformation Initiative. CACTI is a joint project of the Public Health Institute and the California Department of Public Health.



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Opening Plenary

Speakers: Mary Pittman, President and CEO, Public Health Institute; Charlotte Kent, Acting Brancy Chief, Research, Surveillance & Evaluation Branch, Division of Community Health



Tobacco Free Living: Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

Speakers: Matthew Moore, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law & Policy; Colleen Stevens, Chief, Tobacco Control Branch, California Tobacco Control Program

Growing understanding of the harm caused to nonsmokers by their neighbors' drifting and residual tobacco smoke has prompted more and more communities to take action to protect those at risk. This session will look at the range of options that communities have to draw on, including cooperative agreements with housing authorities and local developers/managers, market driven approaches, and various forms/levels of mandated smoke-free strategies, as well as rights that landlords and individuals have.



Healthy Eating, Active Living

Speakers: Jane Alvarado; Vicki Berends; Linda Cowling; Stefan Harvey; Lisa Hershey; Laura Rubin; Cyndi Walter

This session will serve as an opportunity for counties to share their various beverage-related initiatives and activities, and will also provide an overview of the resources and services available from California Project LEAN, California Center for Public Health Advocacy, Rethink Your Drink Campaign, and the California Convergence.



Healthy and Safe Physical Environments: Safe Routes to School

Speakers: Barb Alberson, Lisa Cirill, Justine Hearn

A brief overview of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) movement and describes expectations of CACTI county leads and partners in the SRTS efforts. Learn about the SRTS Strategic Leads' planned tiered approach for technical assistance and training to better assist each county with its unique SRTS work.



Clinical and Community Preventive Services: Community Clinical Linkages

Speakers: Pam Ford-Keach; Lily Chaput; Jackie Tompkins

This session provides foundation information and resources for implementing Strategic Direction 3: Community Clinical Linkages. The session reviews the overall project period objective, including logic model and evaluation plan, with specific emphasis given to chronic disease (co-morbidities), the chronic care model, and community mobilization, including the role of community health workers within the health system and organizing a Community Wellness Summit guided by the Performance Partnership Model. Includes resources to support the implementation of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program/Tomando Control de Su Salud.



Overview of CTG/Equity Issues

Speakers: Marion Standish, Program Director, CACTI, Public Health Institute; Robert Berger, Deputy Director, CACTI, Public Health Institute

CACTI Program Director, Marion Standish and Deputy Director Robert Berger, provide an overview of CACTI including its goals, structure, partners and how it fits into the broader California Community Transformation movement.



Media Training - Talking About Community Transformation

Speakers: lori Dorfman, Director Media Studies Group; Matt Kagan, Principal, Behr Communications

The objective of this training is to help participants recognize and anticipate the arguments for and against their issue.



Friday Morning Plenary - Part 1

Speakers: Chet Hewitt, President & CEO, Sierra Health Foundation; George Flores, Program Manager, Community Health, The California Endowment



Friday Morning Plenary - Part 2

Speakers: Genoveva Islas-Hooker, Program Coordinator; Central CA Regional Obesity Prevention Programa



Changing Community Environments to Support Health and Equity

Speakers: Linda Shak, Program Manager, Prevention Institute

This session lays the foundation for understanding how policy and organizational practice change approaches can improve health outcomes, advance health equity, and transform communities. Lean about successful community prevention efforts taking place throughout the country, and become better prepared to make a compelling case for the importance of changing community environments.



Youth Engagement

Speakers: Kimberlee Homer-Vagadori, Project Director, California Youth Advocacy Network; Amelia Silbert-Geiger, Outreach Coordinator, California Youth Advocacy Network

Youth play an important role in public health outreach and advocacy. The CDC recently published guidelines for engaging youth in advocacy activities. The California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN) recognizes the overwhelming power of youth in social movements. This session teaches how to reach and engage young people, and discusses the challenges in working with youth advocates to advance public health goals and objectives.



How To Organize a Public Health Campaign

Speakers: Vanessa Marvin, Director, American Lung Association in California; Jack Nicholl, Campaign Consultant, American Lung Association in California

Policy change success, whether reflected in ordinances, resolutions or private sector voluntary commitments depends upon identifying and organizing community support and using that support to persuade decision makers to adopt your policy goals. This workshop provides a step-by-step guide to the California Transformation Initiative to build sufficient power in their communities to achieve goals for smoke-free multi-unit housing, reduction in the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, and establishment of walkable communities and safe routes to school. Learn how to use the Midwest Academy Strategy Chart to develop a strategic plan and timeline for their policy efforts, along with other community organizing tools.



CACTI Initiative: Administrative Items

Speakers: Robert Berger, Deputy Director, CACTI, Public Health Institute; Evelyn Unseld, Grants and Contracts Specialist, Public Health Institute

This session provides an opportunity for CACTI contracted partners to meet with members of the contract and program management team from the Public Health Institute to discuss administrative issues related to their contracts. Topics include billing, reporting and communications.



CACTI Initiative: Logic Models

Speakers: Lisa Craypo and Liz Schwarte, Managing Directors at Samuels and Associates

This session provides CACTI contracted partners an introduction to logic models and an overview of the CACTI logic model.



Closing Plenary


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