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American Group Psychotherapy Association 2019 — Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to AGPA Connect 2019! This year's event, held in exciting LA, offers extraordinary state-of-the-art educational offerings. A diverse array of presentations and group workshops appeal to a wide range of practitioners looking to stay current and connected.

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Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Rainer Weber, Co-Chairs; Zipora Shechtman, Bernhard Strauss



Getting off the Runway: Forming and Launching your New Psychotherapy Group

Speakers: Amy Matias



DBT and Modern Group Analysis

Speakers: Claudia Arlo



Power of Groups to Help Adolescents

Speakers: Elaine Leader, Stella Cuomo, Cheryl Eskin



What Does this Button Do? Understanding, Navigating, and Utilizing Social Media to Brand and Expand your Group/Agency Practice

Speakers: David Songco



Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Rainer Weber, Co-Chairs; Gary Burlingame, Kara Cattani, Jennifer Jensen, Hal Svien



Cultural Considerations in Offering Mindfulness-Based Groups

Speakers: Kate Czar, Kimberly Burdine



Drop-in Medication Groups and Other Creative Ideas for Psychiatrist Led Group Therapy

Speakers: Juliana Fort, Shunda McGahee



The Two Pillars of Recovery: A Way to Understand and Cope with Addiction

Speakers: Geoffrey Kane



Teaching Group Across Borders: Culture, Context, and Adaptation

Speakers: Anne McEneaney, Chair; Mark Beecher, Gaea Logan



Training Residents in Affective Attunement and Emotional Process: Four Group Models

Speakers: Pamela Menter, Chair; Chap Atwell, Darryl Pure, William Watson



When Microaggressions Make a Large Impact on a Small Group

Speakers: Shemika Brooks, Nathasha Hahn



Group Training and Supervision in University Counseling Centers: Attending to Multiple Aspects of Supervisor and Supervisee Experiences

Speakers: Joeleen Cooper-Bhatia, Chair; Vinny Dehili, Shenette Scille, Marcée Turner, Kseniya Zhuzha



Forming and Maintaining the Modern Analytic Practitioner

Speakers: Elliot Zeisel, Chair; Patricia Florence, Allen Lambert, Teresa Snell



A Cultural Bridge for Leaders of Groups for Active and Former Military: Need for Training in Military Cultural Competency

Speakers: Nina Brown, Chair; Christina La Croix, Helene Satz



The Ethical and Clinical Dangers of Multiple Relationships at Group Training Institutes

Speakers: Robert Pepper



Queer & Transgender Clinicians on the Issue of Self-Disclosure

Speakers: RP Whitmore-Bard, Chair; Grace Ballard, Sorin Thomas, Sarah Tyerman



Addressing Workplace Stress: Time-Limited Groups for NonHealth Care Workers in a Busy Health Care System

Speakers: Brenda Boatswain



Anger in Group Therapy: Grist for the Mill vs. When Rage Kills

Speakers: Joseph Shay, Stewart Aledort, Molyn Leszcz, Ronnie Levine, Oona Metz

2.5 Hour Session



Integrating Research and Theory to Inform Interventions

Speakers: Sally Barlow, Les Greene, Francis Kaklauskas

2.5 Hour Session



Stories We Carry: Exploring the Impact of Trauma and Loss on the Clinician and the Group

Speakers: Mary Krueger, Catherine Brennan, Paige LaCava, Shira Marin

2.5 Hour Session



Challenges in Group Psychotherapy Supervision and Training

Speakers: Noelle Lefforge, Stephanie McLaughlin, Co-Chairs, Joshua Gross, Jeffrey Kleinberg



Women and Aggression: History, Healing, and Power

Speakers: Jeanne Bunker, Janice Morris, Co-Chairs; Lisa Means, Patty Olwell, Lavanya Shankar



Restoring the Curious Mind in Group

Speakers: Andrew Eig, Richard Billow, Sara Emerson, Suzanne Phillips



Being a Group Therapist in Times of Political and Social Upheaval: This is Difficult!

Speakers: Lorraine Wodiska, chair; Bonnie Buchele, Earl Hopper, Karen Travis



From the Couch to the Screen: Internet Delivered (Group) Therapy

Speakers: Haim Weinberg, chair; Bonnie Goldstein, Rakefet Keret-Karavani



Neuroscience of Systems-Centered’s Functional Subgrouping: Beyond Stereotyping (Us vs. Them) to Exploring Differences (We)

Speakers: Katie Steele, Chair; Susan Gantt, Dorothy Gibbons, Robert Hartford



Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers in Group: Who Gets Voted Off the Island?

Speakers: Christine Henry, Jason Boothe, Charles Crocker, Niloofar Tavakoli



Louis R. Ormont Lecture Reparative Countertransference: The Therapist’s Need to Repeat the Past

Speakers: Karen Maroda



The Experiment: Group Therapy Pioneers, Foulkes and Bion, are Resurrected for Heated Discussion

Speakers: Dominick Grundy, Shayne Vitemb, Co-Chairs; Robert Grossmark, John Schlapobersky, Nina Thomas



Strengthening Your Affiliate’s “Footprint” in the Community to Fight Social Injustice, Disasters and Other Demons (AGPA Leadership Track)

Speakers: Jana Rosenbaum, Chair; Richard Beck, Katie Griffin, Marcus Hummings



Alonso Plenary Address: Trying Not to Look Ahead?

Speakers: Joyce Slochower



Forging Connections in Group Psychotherapy Through Right Brain-to-Right Emotional Communications

Speakers: Allan Schore



Institute Opening Plenary: Seeing Ourselves and Our Groups as Living Human Systems: How Systems-Centered Groups Develop our Minds and Transform our Brains

Speakers: Susan Gantt



Hochberg Public Education Event: Like a Thought That is Also a Feeling: The Betweenness of Empathy

Speakers: Marco Iacoboni


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