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AGPA Connect brings Mental health professionals currently working with groups or in training who wish to be kept abreast of new developments and expand the scope of their clinical practices. Hear world-renowned faculty instruct, challenge, and inspire. Learn valuable, proven strategies and clinical techniques that can be used immediately in your practice designed to sharpen your knowledge and skills.

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31 Sessions as individual Mp3 audio files available as digital downloads or on USB stick (playable on any computer or other electronic listening device.) USB stick delivered via Priority Mail, 15% shipping & handling will be applied upon checkout.




Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Chair; Marilyn Lanza, Bernhard Strauss



Addressing Medical Resident Wellbeing: Renewal Through Groups at Work

Speakers: Brenda Boatswain, Mark Mason



Group Therapy for Orthodox Jewish Men: The Correlation of Loneliness and Faith

Speakers: Mendel Horowitz



Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Chair; Martyn Whittingham, Shi Min Liew, Zipora Shechtman



Physician Self-Care: Challenges of Keeping Group Process Training Alive in Residency Training as a Way of Preventing Professional Burnout (Psychiatry SIG Meeting)

Speakers: Nelly Katsnelson



Role-Playing Therapy Groups: A New Approach to Using Games to Connect, Overcome Anxiety, and Learn Skills

Speakers: Christopher Chapman, Vincent Dehili



Getting High, Falling Low, and Climbing High Again: Leading a ChemSex Support Group

Speakers: Aylon Slater



How Group Therapists Can Relate to Psychotherapy Research Without Fear or Intimidation

Speakers: Sally Barlow, Chair; Les Greene, Francis Kaklauskas



Developing and Maintaining the Co-Leader Relationship

Speakers: Ryan Spencer, Chair; Keith Rand, Pierre Choucroun, Scott Phillips, Donna Rich, Deborah Sharp, Alyson Stone



DBT & Modern Group Analysis: An Integrative Lens

Speakers: Claudia Arlo



Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Patients with Psychosis

Speakers: Ivan Urlic, Majda Grah, Branka Restek-Petrovic



Soul Siblings and Invincible Black Women: The Power of Black Women Groups at Predominantly White Institutions

Speakers: Kimberly Burdine, Analesa Clarke



White Voice: Too Loud or Too Silent? Navigating the Terrain of Allyship and Accompaniment in Groups and Organizations

Speakers: Christine Schmidt



Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Chair; Jill Paquin, Joe Miles, Gary Burlingame



GeT Me HelP: Group Therapy for Mental Health Professionalson

Speakers: John Asunci



Group Gaming and Self-Development: Using Video/Tablet Games in Group Therapy with Autism Spectrum Clients to Improve Self Awareness and Self Knowledge

Speakers: Kevin Hull



Changing Our Minds: The Leader’s Evolving Psychology and its Impact on the Group

Speakers: Tzachi Slonim, Chair; Richard Billow, Bonnie Buchele, Gila Ofer



Women and Aggression: History, Healing, and Power

Speakers: Jeanne Bunker, Jan Morris, Co-Chairs; Rita Drapkin, Elizabeth Driscoll, Chera Finnis



Rehumanization of Military Veterans Through Shakespeare: A Performance and Discussion

Speakers: Craig Haen, Chair; Alisha Ali, Nina Thomas, Stephan Wolfert



Forming and Maintaining the Modern Analytic Practitioner

Speakers: Elliot Zeisel, Chair; Dennis Foley, Anna Graybeal, Britt Raphling



Working with Trans and Gender Nonconforming Youth and Young Adults: Clinical, Medical, and Life Support Needs

Speakers: Thomas Hurster, Chair; Mark Beauregard, Melissa Goates-Jones, Elizabeth McAdam, Carolina



Stories We Carry: An Exploration of the Impact of Trauma Stories on the Clinician and the Group

Speakers: Mary Krueger, Chair; Catherine Brennan, Paige LaCava, Shira Marin



Group Therapy East and West: What We Have Learned from One Another

Speakers: Ruthellen Josselson, Chair; Mao Ding, Diana Edwards, Winnie Fei, Shuai Li, Xiaofeng Sun

A live International discussion via Zoom with clinicians from China about their groundbreaking cross-cultural exchange with American group psychotherapists.



Growth and Renewal: Building Our Group Training Programs from the Bottom Up

Speakers: Joshua Gross, Chair; Misha Bogomaz, Nina Brown, Lisa Denton, Noelle Lefforge



Treatment Options for Transmission of Generational SOCIAL Trauma

Speakers: Elaine Cooper, Chair; Paul Cox, Charlotte Kahn, Marie Rothschild



Louis R. Ormont Lecture- Reflections on Art and Life Through Dolls: The Power of Visual Images to Evoke Personal and Social Themes

Speakers: Morris Nitsun



Creating Safe Spaces in Groups: Working with Intersecting Identities in Child and Adolescent Groups

Speakers: Tony Sheppard, Chair; Robin Dean, Madeline Stein, Zachary Thieneman



Alonso Presidential Plenary Address: All I Really Need to Know in Life, I Learned in Group

Speakers: Molyn Leszcz



How Social Media Is Changing Social Networks, Group Dynamics, Democracies, and Gen Z

Speakers: Jonathan David Haidt



Getting the Most Out of Your Institute Experience: Some Personal Reflections

Speakers: Jerry Gans



Far From the Tree– Interview with Andrew Solomon

Speakers: Andrew Solomon


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