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Active Resistance: It Takes A Village to End Gender Violence

A 4-part radio series, based on the international conference on violence against women, held in Brighton, England.



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Active Resistance: Full Set Special (4 hrs total)

Audio CDs: 4




Part I - Domestic Violence Globally

Speakers: Highlighting some of the innovative programs now being used in Bangladesh, Canada, Fiji, Ghana, Hungary, India, Israel/Palestine, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Nicaragua, Russia, Scotland, South Africa and the U.S.

Audio CDs: 1




Part II - Female Genital Mutilation & Harmful Cultural Practices

Speakers: Feminists speak out from Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Palestine, Bosnia, Israel, Algeria, and Afghanistan

Audio CDs: 1




Part III - Child Sexual Abuse

Speakers: Feminist programs from the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Haiti, Philippians, North of Ireland, South Africa, and the U.S.

Audio CDs: 1




Part IV - Trafficking in Women

Speakers: Theories and actions from Australia, Korea, Philippians, Bangladesh, Austria, The Netherlands and the U.S.

Audio CDs: 1



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