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Listen to the audio from some of these Hot Conferences:


American Group Psychotherapy Association 2019 — Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to AGPA Connect 2019! This year's event, held in exciting LA, offers extraordinary state-of-the-art educational offerings. A diverse array of presentations and group workshops appeal to a wide range of practitioners looking to stay current and connected.

February 25 to March 2 — Los Angeles, CA - view more...

American Psychoanalytic Association

The American Psychoanalytic Association gathered over 1,500 people to their national conference to examine issues ranging from climate change denial to modern views of masculinity. Presenters also shared their expertise in addressing social injustices such as the current immigration crisis, gun violence and bullying. Hot Topics also included a seminar on Racism in America addressing our unconscious racial biases and the collective resistance to discussing race in clinical settings as well as a panel on Narcissism & it's Discontents.

February 2019 - view more...

America Bar Association 12th Annual Labor & Employment Law

The American Bar Association's 12th Annual Labor Employment Law Conference offered thought provoking sessions which are now available for you to listen to... among them are:

• Understanding Cultural Differences of Working Class and Professional Americans
• The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the Workplace
• Supreme Court Labor and Employment Jurisprudence: The 2017–18 Term
• The Impact of the Trump Administration on Labor and Employment Law
• Developments in Labor-Management Relations, plus Conversations with the NLRB
• Cutting-Edge Issues in Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
• New Developments in Pay Equity and #MeToo Litigation
• Perspectives from the U.S. Equal Employment Commission
• Litigation in the Media and Before Juries
• Class Action Settlement Strategies
• In-Depth Explorations of Workplace Problems and Solutions
• Special Programs focusing on Mindfulness and “Why We Work”

View more...

American Group Psychotherapy Association 2018 — Houston, TX

Welcome to 2018 AGPA Connect! This year's event in Houston offered state-of-the-art educational offerings. These presentations include up-to-date research on evidenced-based treatments for a wide range of populations.... learn and stay informed!

David Allen, MD, MPH addressed the conference on "Group Process as an Intervention for Community Resocialization". He described how social fragmentation creates victims of shame, who become destructive to themselves, others and their community. Through group process and resocialization persons are liberated from being victims of shame to being open to positive emotions, forgiveness, gratitude and constructive community.

February 26-March 3 — Houston, TX - view more...

David Allen, MD, MPH

American Psychoanalytic Association February 2018

Founded in 1911, the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) is the oldest national psychoanalytic organization in the nation. APsaA as a professional organization for psychoanalysts, focuses on education, research and membership development. APsaA has developed vibrant and innovative programming for the mental health profession and the general public. These programs provide forums for the exchange of new ideas and highlight the contribution of psychoanalytic principles in helping to understand important social problems.

02-16-2018 New York City - view more...

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