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Begin Your Day the Olympian Way: The Fastrack to Leadership Gold, by Olympian Marilyn King & Emmett Miller, MD

Olympian Thinking™, the exceptional human performance theory behind this program, was developed by two-time Olympian Marilyn King, now an internationally acclaimed expert in leadership development. Partnering with Emmett Miller, MD a pioneer in the field of guided imagery and the body/ mind connection, they guide you in developing the most important daily practice common to all high achievers. Also included is a multi-page insert presenting: 1) Olympian Thinking™ visual summaries. 2) “The Gold Standard” leadership traits guide. 3) “Envision Your Gold / 21 Days to an Olympian” mindset calendar. 4) Resource links for Fastrack Leadership development.

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Begin Your Day The Olympian Way

Create a 7-minute daily practice to engage your mind for accelerated leadership development. While leadership has always been important, right now in times of uncertainty, anxiety and fear, leaders have a particularly important role to play. This program is for leaders who are ready to step up and take full leadership responsibility to inspire, inform, mobilize and support their team/organization in a time of accelerating, continuous, systemic change. This program features an instructional and inspirational CD including an Introduction to Olympian Thinking™ and gold and silver guided imageries. This program is to be used in a deeply relaxed state and not to be listened to while driving or operating heavy machinery. *This product contains 5 audio files and two pdfs.

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