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California Employment Lawyers Association

CELA is a statewide organization of over 1,200 California attorneys who devote the major portion of their practices to representing employees in individual employment cases and class actions, including cases involving unpaid wages, discrimination, harassment, retaliation and whistleblowing. We help our members protect and expand the legal rights and opportunities of working women and men through litigation, education and advocacy. Hear the latest in best practices across the state.

Visit our friend's website at: www.cela.org



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Two days of panels & discussions delivered on USB thumb drive or as digital downloads. *Available for CLE credit




Seeking Attorney's Fees: Getting the Money You Deserve

Speakers: Olivia Sanders, Richard Pearl, Norman Pine and Brandon Ruiz



Serving Non-English Speaking Clients

Speakers: Enrique Martinez, Blanca Banuelos, Kelly Chen and Nicholas Orihuela

Qualifies for 1.25 hours Legal Ethics CLE



Equity Compensation: Stocks, Vesting and More !

Speakers: David Lowe, Jennifer Liu and Jennifer Schwartz



Thriving as a Solo or Small Practice

Speakers: Aaron Minnis, Tanya Gomerman, Angel Horacek and Rebecca Kagin



CELA Annual Luncheon: Joe Posner Award - Jean Hyams

Speakers: Jean Hyams



Vindicating Rights Using Non-FEHA Statutes

Speakers: Sonya Mehta, Wilmer Harris, Marilyn Mika Spencer and Dan Stormer



Stop the Harrisment: Strategies for Preventing the Misuse of Harris

Speakers: Bobby Shukla, Janet Gusdorff, Toni Jaramilla and Sonya Smallets



Introduction to Representing Public Employees

Speakers: Calvin Chang, Pedram Javanmardi, Nilay Vora and Marjorie Wallace



Lessons Learned from Winning - Member Victories

Speakers: Patrice Goldman, Megan Beaman-Jacinto, Brennan Kahn, Carmen Sabater and Kenneth Yoon



Legislative Update

Speakers: Mariko Yoshihara, CELA Legislative Counsel & Policy Director



CELA Diversity Outreach Keynote

Speakers: Assemblymember Ash Kalra, District 27



Protecting Pregnant & Lactating Workers Armed With the Latest Changes in the Law

Speakers: Barbara Figari Cowan, Amelia Alvarez and Katherine Wutchiett

Qualifies for 1.25 hours Elimination of Bias CLE



Ethical Issues in Multi-Plaintiff Actions

Speakers: Ramsey Hanafi, Hina Shah, Jeff Ross and Richard Zitrin

Qualifies for 1.25 hours Legal Ethics CLE



Best Practices in Pursing Labor Code Section 970 and Other Fraud Claims in the Workplace

Speakers: Maria Bourn, Menaka Fernando, Ruth Silver-Taube and Sereena Singh



How to Use Technology at Trial

Speakers: Mohammed Eldessouky, Tamara Freeze and Elizabeth Peck



Electronic Discovery Seminar - The Sky's the Limit - E-Discovery if Money Were No Object

Speakers: Angi Kittleson, Michelle Lamy, Angelica Ornelas and Eliot Rushovich



Electronic Discovery Seminar - E-Discovery on a Shoe-String Budget

Speakers: Valerie Brender, Michael levy, Andrea Loh and Paul McVoy



Electronic Discovery Seminar - Making E-Discovery Work for You

Speakers: Rebekah Bailey, Tilak Gupta, Cory Hamma and Sharon Vinick


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