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David Allen, MD, MPH

American Group Psychotherapy Association 2018 — Houston, TX

Welcome to 2018 AGPA Connect! This year's event in Houston offered state-of-the-art educational offerings. These presentations include up-to-date research on evidenced-based treatments for a wide range of populations.... learn and stay informed! David Allen, MD, MPH addressed the conference on "Group Process as an Intervention for Community Resocialization". He described how social fragmentation creates victims of shame, who become destructive to themselves, others and their community. Through group process and resocialization persons are liberated from being victims of shame to being open to positive emotions, forgiveness, gratitude and constructive community.

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Institute Opening Plenary: “I'm Having Trouble with My Small Group: Reflections on a Lifetime of Living, Leading, and Learning in Groups

Speakers: Elizabeth Knight

This session focuses on the vital importance of groups in our lives, family, work, sports, school and therapy groups. . . how understanding how we interact with others leads us to "The Healing Power of Groups in a Fragmented World".



Hochberg Public Education Event: Group Process as an Intervention for Community Resocialization

Speakers: David Allen

This presentation describes how social fragmentation creates victims of shame, who become destructive to themselves, others, and their community. Through group process and resocialization, persons are liberated from being victims of shame to being open to positive emotions, forgiveness, gratitude and constructive community.



Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Rainer Weber, Co-Chairs; Mary Alicia Barnes



Mindfully in Connection: Applying Mindfulness for Ourselves and our Clients

Speakers: Julie Garson, Mark Mason



Strengthening Resilience in At-Risk Minority Youth in the School Setting

Speakers: Brendan Rich, Mary Alvord, Colleen Cummings, Nina Shiffin



Promote Addiction Recovery by Teaching the Language of Affect

Speakers: Geoffrey Kane



Weaving Connection from the Threads of Isolation: Utilizing Online Discussion Groups across Counseling Centers

Speakers: Jennifer Walsh, Laura Dixon, Melissa King, Joshua Ziesel



Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Rainer Weber, Co-Chairs; Camerion Alldredge, Jennifer Jensen, Hal Svien, Bernhard Strauss



The Ethical and Clinical Dangers of Multiple Relationships at Group Training Institutes

Speakers: Robert Pepper



Marketing for the Group Therapist: Building Your Social Media Empire (AGPA Leadership Track)

Speakers: Marc Azoulay



DBT and Modern Group Analysis: An Integrative Lens

Speakers: Claudia Arlo



ADHD Treatment and the Role of Parent Groups

Speakers: Ruth Geller



Navigating the Risky Business of Assessing Suicide in Therapy Groups

Speakers: Joeleen Cooper-Bhatia, Erica Smith



Manifestation of Bias and Microaggressions in Group Psychotherapy

Speakers: Stephanie McLaughlin, Melissa Goates Jones, Noelle Lefforge, Claudia Mejia



Training Residents in Affective Attunement and Emotional Process: Four Group Models

Speakers: Pamela Menter, Chap Attwell, Darryl Pure, William Watson



Don't Miss the Moment: Putting Process into the Manualized Treatments of CBT, DBT and ACT with Eating Disorders

Speakers: Susan Mengden, DeLinda Spain



Expanding the Child/Adolescent Group Leader’s Toolbox (Session 1) — Current Group Approaches in Dealing with Issues of Sexuality and Loss in Groups with Youth

Speakers: Seth Aronson, Craig Haen, Eric Peterson, Maureen Underwood



Marginalization: How the Group Experience Can Further Harm Non-Dominant Participants

Speakers: Penelope Asay, Mary Clarke, Torrey Wilson



Core Integrated CBT Skills for Adult ADHD Groups

Speakers: Greg Crosby



Expanding the Child/Adolescent Group Leader’s Toolbox (Session 2) — Contemporary Approaches to the Difficult to Reach Child: Autism and Anger Issues

Speakers: Seth Aronson, Craig Haen, Kevin Hull, Qsheqilla Mitchell



Contemporary Group Psychotherapy Research

Speakers: Cheri Marmarosh, Rainer Weber, Co-Chairs; Marilyn Lanza



Winnicott Goes to Group: Survival of the Authentic Self in the Dynamic Digital Age

Speakers: Lindsey Randol, David Songco



Developing Group Counseling in University Counseling Centers: The Role of Group Therapy Assessment

Speakers: Leia Charnin



A Two-Tiered Group Consultation and Supervision Model for Community and Mental Health Agencies

Speakers: Delores Hendrix-Giles, Catherine Flores, Lonique Pritchett, Kristin Raney



Alonso Plenary Address: Why AGPA?

Speakers: Barry Helfmann



Integrating Research and Theory: What Every Group Clinician Should Know

Speakers: Sally Barlow, Les Greene, Francis Kaklauskas



Today's Bridge between Psychoanalysis and the Group World

Speakers: Bonnie Buchele, Shoshana Ben-Noam, Susan Gantt, Molyn Leszcz, Andrew Smolar



Trauma, Torture and Displacement: Finding Connection and Self in Group

Speakers: Andrew Eig, Adeyinka Akinsulure-Smith, Hawthorne Smith, Suzanne Phillips



Puzzling Dimensions of Leadership: How Styles and Roles of the Leader Impact Group Function (AGPA Leadership Track

Speakers: Mary Krueger, Paige LaCava, Dayne Narretta



Women and Aggression: History, Healing, and Power

Speakers: Jeanne Bunker, Janice Moore Morris, Stacy Nakell, Alyson Stone



Moving Forward: Opportunities for Group in the New Health Care Environment

Speakers: Kathleen Ulman, Ann Koplow, Yara Moustafa, Martyn Whittingham, Alan Witkower



Stumbling into Leadership: The Perils and Privileges…(AGPA Leadership Track)

Speakers: Farooq Mohyuddin, Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, Cheryl Kalter



Forming and Maintaining the Modern Analytic Practitioner

Speakers: Elliot Zeisel, Laura Ebady, Jordan Price, Phyllis Rifkin-Russell



Treating Fragmented Relationships through Group Therapy with Individuals and Couples

Speakers: Judith Coche, Yvonne Champion, Juliette Galbraith, Albert Neeleman



Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers in Group: Who Gets Voted Off the Island?

Speakers: Christine Henry, Jason Boothe, Charles Crocker



Louis R. Ormont Lecture Witnessing: The Third Axis of Group Process

Speakers: Richard Billow



The Frightened, the Angry, and the Mobilized: Group Practitioner Postures towards Trouble in Our Society

Speakers: Siddharth Shah, Klair Latino, Dawn McCarty, Sorin Thoma



Using Practice-Based Evidence to Enhance Your Groups is Easy... and Very Helpful!

Speakers: Kristina Hansen, Gary Burlingame, Jon Cox, Derek Griner


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